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This site is for me if…

  • I recently began keeping the Sabbath on Saturday or have wondered why most Christians don’t see the 4th commandment as relevant.
  • I’m new to obeying some of God’s laws and would like confidence that I’m doing the right thing.
  • Acts 15 causes me to question whether keeping the Sabbath is okay.
  • The writings of Paul cause me to doubt that keeping the Sabbath is okay.
  • The prophets have made little sense to me in the past.
  • A family member has started doing “Jewish things” and I want to learn why.
  • My family thinks I have become Jewish, joined a cult or have stopped going to church.
  • I’ve been taught the “pre-trib rapture” my whole life but still don’t see how to explain it from the Bible.

This site is here to…

  • …ENCOURAGE disciples of Jesus by telling the long version of the gospel through the lens of the New Covenant. Incredible connections become apparent when you learn how Abraham, covenants, Israel and the Prophets are a crucial part of the Kingdom story.
  • …address common objections to keeping the Sabbath and obeying other laws from the Old Testament.
  • …provide an easy way to recall relevant scripture passages when in a discussion.
  • …study as an individual, family or class.
  • …share with others who are on the fence, need confidence or are just curious.

The author believes in salvation by grace through faith.

So there are no surprises, the case will be made that God has just one people but refers to them by numerous names. They are called the chosen, the elect, the bride, sheep, the redeemed and Israel, to name a few. It will further be shown that God established a single code of conduct for his people. Obeying His law doesn’t in any way cause one to be saved. Rather, one would obey because they have been saved, love God and wish to abide in the ways of His Kingdom.


  • Pray and ask God to show you the truth, no matter what it is (including whether any of this information needs to be refined).
  • Start with Part 1 and read through the information in the order presented.
  • Remember that some of the weightiest matters in God’s Kingdom are to be merciful, to love people (including enemies) and to get along with those in a different place on the path.