It was 2018 when I first began to see the importance of remembering the Sabbath. It looked to me like Yahweh put an emphasis on it.

And yet, my faith tradition had taught me that it was no longer relevant. Google searches only produced results consistent with my background. I didn’t know anyone else kept the Sabbath unless they were Jewish or Seventh Day Adventists.

To me, ‘Messianic’ meant Jewish people that became Christians and stopped being Jewish. I didn’t even know they kept feast days other than maybe Passover.

I persuaded my family to start keeping the Sabbath and we stumbled through it alone for six months. There was one former Bible school classmate that I had seen posting about the Sabbath years earlier, so I sent her a text but didn’t hear back.

By June of 2019, I was about to give up and quit. It was painful and I felt really dumb.

And then I got a text back! Our friend from Bible school drove from Florida to North Carolina that weekend and answered all of my remaining questions with scriptures that were as plain as day. But even better, she told us OTHER PEOPLE DID THIS TOO! She told us about 119 Ministries and singers like Joshua Aaron. She introduced us to MANY people around our area that also cared about the Sabbath.

That solved one problem, but now I had a new one! I learned new terms like Torah Observant and Hebrew Roots. Eventually, I learned about the Pronomian movement and the funny but not funny word ‘Fringies’. I already didn’t like that familiar Christian denominations were so splintered. But the splintering among many who cared about Torah was next level!

I Will Gather You Radio was born out of a desire to give those just starting the confidence to keep going. We’ve gathered world renowned scholars and teachers who invite testing their teaching. We promote unity among believers in Yeshua Messiah and put a daily emphasis on living out His instructions. Click here to listen now.

I have also written about 200 pages detailing the scriptures and story I needed to see so I wouldn’t quit. You can click here access all of it.

If you know someone just getting started, this 24×7 radio stream or the written content can help them avoid pitfalls and pain. Will you tell them about I Will Gather You Radio or post about it on social media? Maybe someone will remember it years down the road when they become interested.

Shalom and I hope you find what we have pulled together worth sharing!

Jeff Apthorp

I Will Gather You Radio is a ministry of Founded in Truth Fellowship of Rock Hill, SC.